Cake Flavours

  1. Raspberry Lemonade - moist lemon butter cake with fresh raspberry cream
  2. Choco Mint - soft and moist chocolate cake with mint flake buttercream
  3. Red Vlevet - moist red chocolate cake with soft cream cheese buttercream
  4. Black Forest - German chocolate torte soaked in cherry liquor, cherry filling and cream on top
  5. Oreo - soft chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream and Oreo sprinkles
  6. Strawberry vanilla- vanilla cake with fresh strawberry filling and fresh strawberry buttercream
  7. Choc and choc- soft, moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache or buttercream
  8. Lime coconut- coconut cake with coconut and lime buttercream
  9. White choc mud- white chocolate mud cake with with white chocolate buttercream
  10. Choc mud- chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache
  11. Raspberry lemon- soft butter cake, lemon curd filling, with fresh raspberries and lemon buttercream
  12. Lemon blueberries- moist lemon/blueberry buttery cake with lemon buttercream
  13. Classic vanilla- soft vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream

Cupcake Flavours

  1. Raspberry Lemonade- lemon vanilla cake with fresh raspberry buttercream and fresh raspberry on top.
  2. Choco Mint- chocolate cake with mint flake buttercream with ball on top.
  3. Oero-chocolate cake, oero buttercream with oreo and oreo sprinkles on top.
  4. Chocolate-chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream with choc wafer on top
  5. Red Valvet-red chocolate cate with cream cheese buttercream
  6. Lemon Meringue-vanilla cup with lemon curd filling and a meringue on top
  7. Vanilla with Fondant-vanilla cupcake with rolled fondant and with any detail you like
  8. Fairy Floss-vanilla cake with fairy floss buttercream and a fairy floss on top
  9. Lemon Blueberry-lemon and blueberry cake with lemon buttercream
  10. Lime Coconut-coconut cake with lime and coconut buttercream topped with coconut

Suga Cookie Flavours

  • Vanilla sugar cookies with royal icing or rolled fondant
  • The cookies that have fondant are egg free



  • Egg free
  • Sugar free
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Vegan